Hot Stone Massage Therapy Benefits

Hot stone massage therapy is a type of therapy that involves the use of warmed stones. These stones are placed at specific positions of your body to help your body muscles relax as well as calm damaged soft tissues throughout the body.

The stones are majorly smooth surfaces ones, which are made from basalt. In fact, the stones are heated using sanitized water before they are used in therapy. Because of iron content, which is high in basalt, they are capable of retaining heat during the whole massage process.

Hot stones therapy is beneficial on both psychological as well as physical levels. The following are the major benefits of this type of therapy.

• Relieving pain. As a matter of fact, any type of massage will help relieve muscle, injuries or stiff joint pain. However, the hot stone massage offers a better relief due to the nature of massage (intense).

• Offers muscle relaxation. Because of the heat energy from the stones, your muscles are capable of relaxing. This, in addition, allows the therapist to work on your deeper tissues successfully.

• Plays a significant role in easing mental tension and stress. This is due to the relaxation accrued from hot stone massage.

• Hot stone massage also plays a substantial role in easing depression and anxiety disorders.

• Enhanced blood circulation. Your blood vessels open as the heat from the hot stones penetrates to your deeper tissues. The opening of the vessels results in improved blood circulation.

• Improved sleep. Relaxation of the muscles and the tissues in your body gives you a better night sleep. This helps you wake up energized for the next day’s activities.

There you have it; benefits of hot stone massage therapy.

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